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Mouse Infestations 101

Here are the steps that need to happen if you have a mouse infestation. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through them.

Reduce the mouse population on the outside of the building by a combination of baiting, habitat modification, and exclusion work. Natural predators will assist you with population reduction if you do some simple habitat modifications such as; keeping grass and brush trimmed away from the building. Keep hiding places such as woodpiles, building materials, and other harborages such as brush piles at least 10' away from the building. When using bait, understand that you are offering an alternative food source, so you must remove as much of the natural food source as possible (acorns are a major food source in our area). Exclusion work is basically maintenance on the building, so you'll be checking windows and doors to make sure they shut correctly and that the door sweeps are intact. Check any pipe or wiring that enters the home and make sure it has been sealed. Don't forget your dryer vent! If your dryer vent does not correctly seal the gaps when not in use, then you have a highway for mice to enter your home. Birds will also nest in dryer vents when left unused for an adequate time period.

Now that you have the outside handled, go to work on the inside of the building. Trap any existing mice and finish the exclusion work by sealing around any pipes and wires that come through the floors, walls, or ceilings. Make sure you have removed food sources by correctly storing foods (including pet food and birdseed) in mouseproof containers.

Be patient, and be persistent! Feeling overwhelmed, call us.

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