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Bees (wasps/hornets)

The price depends on the size, quantity, and location of the nest(s). All nests that are visible and accessible will be removed after treatment.

Residential Services
$55.00 and up; based on square footage, per monthly service

Covers general pest control with an exterior spray treatment of your home. Additional services can be added at reduced rates for existing customers.

Commercial Service Program
$50.00 and up; based on square footage and monthly service

Monitors for pest activity; reduce pest activity by implementing effective IPM plans, targets known pests swiftly to reduce damages and profit loss. Requires customer compliance to be 100% effective.

Rodent Services
$55.00 and up; per monthly service

From basic mouse control to more serious infestations; we customize a plan to fit your individual needs. Minor exclusion work is billed separately and some equipment fees may be incurred. 

Roach Program
$55.00 and up; per monthly service

Basic program = 3-6 monthly services. Some situations require a longer service period to effectively eradicate the infestation. Assistance is required from the homeowner/building manager for the treatment plan to be effective.

Odd Job (one-time service)
$75.00 and up; based on square footage

A single pesticide application is done to reduce a specific pest to a tolerable level. Price is based on the size of the building or area as well as the type of pest being treated. Not all pests can be treated in this manner, so we recommend contacting us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Ask about our Pre-pay discounts and Referrals program

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