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Common Roaches in Michigan

The four most common kinds of roaches found in MI are the German, Brown-banded, American, and Oriental. Two other species that may also be a pest in MI live primarily outdoors, they are the woods and the Asian roaches.


  • German Roaches are usually found in and around refrigerators, stoves, under sinks, and undisturbed cabinets. They prefer a warm moist environment. Bathrooms and furnace areas can also be prime habitats for German Roaches.

  • Brown-banded Roaches tend to build up high populations in kitchen areas. They flourish in apartments, and homes where high temperatures are maintained. They can usually be found near stoves and warm motors such as those in refrigerators, electric clocks, light timers, televisions, and radios.

  • American Roaches also live in warm, moist habitats. They winter over in decaying trees, and woodpiles. They can also be found in boiler rooms or other harborages with water heaters, floor drains, water sumps, and warm moist basements.

  • Oriental Roaches favor crawl spaces, spaces between the soil, and building foundations, the underside of stoops and sidewalks, landscaping mulches, water meters, basements, floor drains, and other such moist places. They tolerate lower temperatures than other roaches and may winter in rock walls or other protected places. They must have access to water.

Roaches can chemically break apart a pesticide in their body making it ineffective!

American Roach

Habitat Alteration

  • Store all food products (including pet food) in tightly sealed containers.

  • Keep counters, food preparation surfaces, kitchen appliances, and floors as clean as possible.

  • Store garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • Thoroughly rinse out bottles, and cans with soapy water before recycling. Roaches LOVE beer!

  • Repair old or damaged screens, and caulk holes, and cracks to reduce the entrance to the interior of buildings.

  • Dehumidify and provide ventilation to dry out moist areas.

  • Reduce available drinking water; pet's water dishes, put stoppers in sinks, fix leaky faucets, etc.

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