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Fast Facts

Information is powerful and it puts you in charge!

Each section is set up to give you information on that particular pest and things that you can do to either reduce their numbers or prevent a pest problem in the future. *Disclaimer* We do not offer services to treat Termites, Bed Bugs, Bats, or Nuisance Wildlife, nor do we do Landscaping. Information listed in this section is provided by us, for your use but does not indicate that we provide services for all the topics listed.


This is where the "green" approach to pest control starts.

We recommend you take the time to browse through the information that's here, you'll learn a lot about what's bugging you and maybe even find some interesting facts to impress your friends with. At CrossRoads Pest Control, we encourage you to be an active partner in your pest management, that's why we practice IPM (integrated pest management), together we can come up with a workable solution to your pest management needs.

There are many ways to deal with pests, chemical application is the reactive approach to pest control. There are many ways to be proactive/"green" thereby greatly reducing the number of pesticides that are used. Exclusion, habitat modification/alteration, home repairs, and maintenance are just a few.
Not sure what issues you should be most concerned about?

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