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We hope you find these sites as valuable as we did!

Of special interest to children and recommended by Lauren




For the Gardeners!


Organic Pesticides This is a great site which offers you organic options for your pest control needs. They offer a very nice pest ID section which makes it easier for you to be sure you are treating the right pest. Offers a variety of organic products which are consumer friendly and easy to use. These products can be classified as repellants or deterrents and can be used in conjunction with many DIY projects for habitat alteration or exclusion of pests.




European and Africanized Honeybees This site gives you accurate information on how to tell the behavioral differences between European Honeybees (ours) and Africanized Honeybees (Killer Bees).




Bedbugs  With the Bedbug making the news almost every day, we thought you should have a link to this very informative site which walks you through the basics of bedbugs, plus gives you info on what you can do and what should be done by a professional.

Bats White-nose Syndrome is threatening to make bats extinct. Bat Management Protected Species,4570,7-153-10370_12145_12205-70016--,00.html Little Brown Bats




Pest Identification


Longhorned Beetles Forest Insect & Disease Leaflet 74 written by Loius F. Wilson, subject matter White-spotted Sawyer. A comparison view of the Asian Longhorn Beetle and the Whitespotted Sawyer.




Brown Recluse Spiders

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