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Is winterizing the same as pest proofing?

Great question! We’ll start by saying that there are many winterization tactics that are twofold, so you’ll reap the benefits from doing those in both spectrums. However many are case specific; installing an appropriate cap on your chimney will keep unwanted pests from hanging out in your chimney but really doesn’t do anything as far as winterizing your home.

Gaps and cracks that allow drafts also allow pests inside. Poorly fitting doors and windows allow both cold air and pests, so do gaps between the foundation and the sill plate of your home. When you take the steps to address these issues you reap the rewards twofold.

Depending on the type of pest issues you’ve been dealing with, you may want to start on species specific pest proofing. You can find lots of helpful tips on what pest proofing will help you the most in our Fast Facts section. Just find your pest listed on the tabs and spend a few short minutes reading the information.

Together we can reduce or even eliminate alt your pest issues.

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