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Hey folks, below is a copy of the information sent to one of our local publications over the weekend. Since then the governor has issued a shelter in place order that goes into effect tonight and runs for 3 weeks. We wanted our customers to understand how this will affect them.

If you are sick and are self-quarantined at home, please call to reschedule your service.

My name is Christine (Chris) Strang. I'm one of the owners of CrossRoads Pest Control, our office is located in Reed City MI. We offer pest control services to more than 11 counties in mid-Michigan. As a pest control company, we bring pest solutions/services to our customers at their locations. Many of our customers are dependant on these services to stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Others have contracted us to provide services to either reduce pest issues or prevent pest issues at their homes or businesses.

Due to Covid-19, we're re-evaluating each customer's needs on a daily basis and modifying services as needed. Through proper education on what our customers can do to assist with their pest issues, we're actively working on limiting our face to face contact with our customer base. At this point, we have contacted our most vulnerable customers and worked through modifications to their service plans that allow them to maintain a high degree of prevention and pest reduction while still limiting contact with our staff as a way to protect themselves and so that they can stay compliant.

There haven't been any significant changes to our work schedule because of Covid-19, because of the timing. We were already in the process of transitioning to our warmer weather services which place a heavier emphasis on exterior applications versus interior services. We do have customers that typically receive both interior and exterior services and we are working with those customers to address their needs on a case by case basis to see where changes can be made to limit contact and yet with us still being able to perform our services.

We have implemented extra safety precautions when it's necessary for us to enter a customer's home or place of business, not only to protect our customers and the general public but also to protect our staff. We are adhering to the guidelines set down by the CDC as far as social distancing and sanitation, and have mandated that any of our staff that feels unwell stays at home per the guidelines by the CDC. We've implemented certain restrictions such as the number of people allowed in our office at once and set those restrictions at 2 and we've closed our doors to the public. As a family-owned and operated business, this has been the hardest change for any of us, but we are committed to each other and to our customers to stay healthy and to limit unnecessary exposure.

As we enter into our 16th year of services, I can tell you that this is not what I was expecting 2 months or even 2 weeks ago. We are in uncharted waters and we are in it together. Each one of us is now more than any other time in our lives, "our brother's keeper". If we each do what we can to help, whether that be social distancing to flatten the curve, shopping for a neighbor or touching base with those in our lives to let them know that they are not alone in this, we will come out of this crisis better than we went into it. Your local businesses, especially those in the food and beverage industry need your support now more than ever, consider ordering takeout not only will it help them, it will give you a break from meal planning.

I've been so proud of how our communities have come together during this crisis. People have been forced to look at things differently than how they were accustomed to seeing things and so many have found creative ways to keep their dreams afloat and keep their businesses open. It's when we think outside of the box and we understand that it's not about us as individuals, but it's about us on a whole that we truly shine, even in those darkest of days. Stay strong and stay healthy!

Here is a list of essential/critical infrastructure workers from the federal government. Pest control companies/exterminators are listed under Public Works.…/CISA-Guidance-on-Essential-Critical-…

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