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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

You thought I was just a sucker for a great burger, well I'm here to tell you that pizza is just as powerful a motivator for me and I certainly do have my favorites. One thing I've noticed is even if the name is the same on the door, the pizza can be as different as night and day. That being said, I love BC Pizza. Since it is a franchise, you would expect things to be pretty much standard across the board, nothing could be further from reality. We frequent 3 different BC Pizza locations in our travels and there are things I like about each location, but when it comes to the actual pizza, the winner is;

B C Pizza

401 W 7th St

Evart MI 49631


Samantha and Matt are the owners and can often be found in the kitchen creating these delicious pizzas. They're super nice people that know their attention to details is what makes them stand apart from other franchises. Enjoy their weekday buffet, take out, delivery or dine in with a specialty pizza, you can't go wrong no matter which option you pick. Two thumbs up!

My second pick for pizza in the area is;


113 S Chestnut St

Reed City MI 49677

(231) 832-3216

Pompeii's also has a weekday lunch buffet that does go beyond pizza and salad, which is a huge plus if you have someone who is anti-pizza (yes these people do really exist). Holly, Sue and the whole crew make sure that your meal is enjoyable. Lunch time can prove to be a challenge if you are on a schedule as it fills up quickly so either get there early (11:00am-2:00pm) or maybe plan a late lunch to avoid the crowd. Happy to give these great people an Honorable Mention for their fantastic pizza!

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