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How your location affects your pest issues.

We service a wide variety of accounts that cover many counties. No two customers are the same, because each location is different, as are the needs of each account. During the course of our interactions with our customers, we occasionally are able to shine some light on an issue that is often overlooked. When we speak of location and how it affects your particular pest issues, it also includes the area and things that surround you, not just your immediate location.

To give you an example, I was recently doing the regular service at one of our commercial accounts, the district manager was there doing her routine assessment and we were able to have a conversation on this very subject.

It went like this: District Manager; We have several of these facilities, this is the only one that has monthly service, why is that?

Me; Are any of the others located next to a beef farm? A swamp? A wood lot?

DM; Umm, no, but what does that have to do with our facility?

Me; A brief explanation about the pests that gather in close proximity to these specific locations due to generous amounts of food, water and breeding locations allowed her to fully understand the reasons for the frequency of service that we've suggested. She was appreciative that I took the time to explain it to her in a way that helped her to understand.

There are things that they could do differently to reduce the number of services they need, but there is nothing they can do to alter the surrounding factors that contribute to the issues we've been hired to control. This is one of the hardest aspects to convey, that there are often issues beyond the owner's control and perhaps even beyond our control. I've had people ask if there were state laws that required landowners to have their premises treated to prevent their neighbors from also having issues. No, there aren't. So if the guy across the road puts in a small feeder calf operation and the only thing that separates it from your home is the road, his fly issues become your fly issues sooner or later. There are many other pest issues that can arise over time as our surroundings change, sometimes things change for the better, sometimes they don't.

Looking at the big picture is what we do. Developing a plan to bring your pest issues into an achievable level that is tolerable for you, is what we do. Working with you, to educate you as to why you are having these issues and what you can do to help, is what we do.

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